Garage Conversion – An Affordable Housing Expansion

If you are looking to add square footage and living space to your home, consider overhauling your garage with a garage conversion. Garage conversions can the be the answer to homeowners seeking additional living space with the addition of a bathroom, bedroom or den. This affordable alternative to home renovations has been the solution to adding just enough space in the home to provide comfort and style.

A conversion project is relatively easy to perform for even those that are construction challenged. Garage conversion – ADU Because the garage already has four enclosed and finished walls along with a roof, it is the most cost efficient alternative to new home additions. If planned right, attached and even detached garages can blend into the home seamlessly, adding the space needed for a playroom, home office or gym.

Before you start your garage overhaul, consult your local planning department to check for current building code requirements. These requirements include insulation and wiring specifications just to name a few. If your home is older you may be required to replace the garage entirely or install upgrades such as residential fire sprinklers. Once you find out the scope of your project it will help you calculate the funds you will need to complete the remodel, and whether or not you would like to continue with your project.

Typical costs associated with a garage conversion project are minor compared to home additions. Materials will run you between $200 and $2000 for partial conversions and can go up to $20000 for complete conversions. A partial do-it-yourself conversion includes weatherproofing the garage door, or a quick fix removable paneling installed on the interior. It also includes adding flooring, a ceiling, lighting, and wallboard. Another partial conversion project is installing plumbing or vents to extend the home’s air conditioning and heating into the “room”. Although the room will be functional, it will still feel like a garage.

A complete conversion can be rather costly, depending on the complexity. Make sure to design your project prior to starting, to ensure you have a floor plan that is functional and a good use of space. Most complete projects start with the removal of the garage door, converting it to an actual wall with windows and doors. This will be the biggest part of your frustration, aside from building a complete bathroom. A complete project can take up to three to four weeks, depending on how much time you dedicate to your project on a daily basis.


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